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What Would Happen If...

by Hannah O'Bosky

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Dear Diary, 

I woke up today with one of my neighbors, good friend, Tony Armstrong knocking on my window. When I got there I noticed him barly hanging on to the old oak tree outside my bedroom, in a two-story red brick house.

"I need your help! I have gotten in so much trouble. I need you to take care of this, you know, kind of, what it’s about. I have told you about it right?" Tony rambled trembaling soving it in my hand , looking around for his parents making sure they weren’t watching. Then ran off in to the mid-morning light.

I was sick today, so I didn’t go to school. When he got on the bus I closed my window, and went to bed until…

"Marisa, honey. Time to get up, and eat the soup I made for you! It is near lunch time!” my mom said.

When I got out of bed I picked up the velvet bag Tony gave me earlier this morning. It has a small glowing mirror fragment with a note about the powers. ”Dear Marisa," it stated, "this is one of the seven mirror pieces. I broke it, and you would not think it is a big deal, but it is! It has special powers, please keep an eye on this while I’m at school. See you at 4:00 p.m. Get well!” I read it and then I kept wondering about it.

Then my curiosity got the better of me, and I knew I had the power to move stuff from one place to the other with my mind. So that is exactly what I did.

When I got the fragments I glue them back together and I wanted to see what else it could do. So I said “Go to Oreo Dimension… and POOF. I was there!
 I looked at the blue sky and the cookie and the cream cloud with oreos falling from them, and then I thought, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF?