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Cecil Intermediate School Visit

Jax went to Cecil Intermediate School, where Sharon inspired the fifth and sixth grade students to write their own fantasy fiction. They had the opportunity to write about what they would do if they were Komitari for a day. Some of their teachers' favorite responses are posted below. Enjoy!

If I had the Kaptro ________________ for a day...

Kaptro Metamorphus

by Michael Robinson

Kaptro Scryor

by Liv Nixon

Kaptro Kenisis

by Jacob Lombardi

Kaptro Enchantment

by Madison Palivoda

Kaptro Teleportation

by Hannah O'Bosky

Kaptro Conjuration

by Zayne DiViney

Kaptro Enchantment

by Dylan Eger

Kaptro Metamorphus

by Abbie Marin

Kaptro Conjuration

by Hannah McClung